Wynella Tannhauser SOLD
Grey Warmblood Gelding 16.2 hh
Born 27th September 1993

SIRE:Barrabadeen Talent (Hol by Talisman)
DAM:Wongalea High Style (by Wongaela High Design - Hol )(out of Girlfriend xx by Bronze Tudor)

EVENTING points:
DRESSAGE points: 168 pts

Kevin is Owned by Count Patrick deVienne of Wynella Warmbloods As a colt Kevin was classified as Stud book 1 in the Holsteiner Horse Assoc by Dr Ramsauer for the ACE gp on 1/10/99.

He was gelded early in 2001 and was sent to Clarendon Park to be trained competed by Gillian Rolton in November 2001.

Since then he has confirmed that he is a wondrful all round horse winning in the Show ring, winning One Day Events and now winning Advanced Medium Dressage. His next start will be Prix St Georges.

Wynella Tannhauser has been sold and is now Reserve Champion National Show Hunter of the Year.

Racing record

Competition History

Wynella Tannhauser started competing with Gillian on 6th Jan 2001 at the South Aust Dressage Association trial day. Here, Kevin competed in three tests winning 1C on 61.6% , 2C on 70% and 2F on 62.16%.

Since then Tannhauser has been competing all season for wins in Prelim, Novice, Elementary and now Medium.He has excellent established changes, and good lateral work in both trot and canter

At the Adelaide Royal Dressage, he won the Novice on 64.8% and was a close 3rd in the Elementary on 64.4%

Kevin is winning in Medium Level dressage with scores over 66% and schooling Advanced and PSG at home. At the AHDC Trial day 13th July Kevin won the Medium 4B on 66.6%
Kevin is showing promise over fences with an excellent back end. Although naturally spooky over fences, he is working well through gymnastics and lines and learns with every session. At present Kevin is jumping 1.10 to 1.20 m at home and has sucessfully competed in eventing for a win a second and a 4th in his 3 starts.

Kevin has a wonderful temperament, is easy to handle in every way and a genuine pleasure to compete. He is an eycatching horse with presence and has done well in working and show Hunter classes with wins and champions at his only showing outings.

At the South Australian Horse of the Year Show Feb 9nd 2003 Kevin was Reserve Champion Show Hunter.
He was also Champion Show Hunter at the Marion Easter Show.

In 2003 Wynella Tannhauser has been consolidating his Dressage training placing in Elementary and Medium at the State Champs, Royal Dressage and Spring Champs.
In the latter part of 2003 he has been winning at Medium level with pecentages over 67%. He has now amassed 151 dressage pts.

Kevin was ridden in the January EFA Level 1 General Exam by our Stable Manager Tamara Hodges who passed the exam with flying colours!

In 2004, Kevin has won all 5 Medium starts so far and won his first Advanced start the new 5.2 on 61%.
On April 11, He won his second Advanced start the 5.3 with 65.37% and also won the 4.3 on 65.45%. Since then he has continued to do well in Advanced, is trainig Prix St Georges and will compete in Prix St Georges next start.


It is a riders dream to find that special horse and its something that not all riders have the opportunity to experience.

My sister and I were looking for that special horse who had the patience to be my new dressage partner. We had been following the progress of Kevin for the past 2 years on Gillian's website. I continually emailed my sister in America the updates of Kevin's progress posted on Gillian's website telling her that this was the perfect horse for us to establish our dressage dreams.

We contacted Gillian and she patiently answered all our questions. When we arrived to view Kevin for the first time Gillian's assessment of Kevin has been an understatement - We had found our dream horse and it's a testament to Gillian's skill as a rider and trainer.

Kevin is a fantastic horse. His manners and standard of schooling have impressed everyone. Kevin is a wonderful friend and I can see why Gillian wanted him to have the right home. Thank goodness we passed Gillian's high standards set for the new owners of Kevin.

Unfortunately in 2 years time I will be passing Kevin's reins over to my sister, Michellie and the first place I will be looking for a replacement horse is in Gillian's stable of horses.

Kevin has performed really well in the short time we have had him with Open Hacks wins at all shows we have attended and he scored 68.5% at our first dressage competition.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Gillian's as a trainer and a wonderful honest person to conduct business with.



Wynella Tannhauser is now the Reserve Champion National Show Hunter of the Year 2005
Gab has had a great year in both Showing and Dressage winning at the Royal and HOY as well as in Dressage. It is great to see he has gone to such a super home!

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