Wynella Tannhauser SOLD

It is a riders dream to find that special horse and its something that not all riders have the opportunity to experience.

My sister and I were looking for that special horse who had the patience to be my new dressage partner. We had been following the progress of Kevin for the past 2 years on Gillian's website. I continually emailed my sister in America the updates of Kevin's progress posted on Gillian's website telling her that this was the perfect horse for us to establish our dressage dreams.

We contacted Gillian and she patiently answered all our questions. When we arrived to view Kevin for the first time Gillian's assessment of Kevin has been an understatement - We had found our dream horse and it's a testament to Gillian's skill as a rider and trainer.

Kevin is a fantastic horse. His manners and standard of schooling have impressed everyone. Kevin is a wonderful friend and I can see why Gillian wanted him to have the right home. Thank goodness we passed Gillian's high standards set for the new owners of Kevin.

Unfortunately in 2 years time I will be passing Kevin's reins over to my sister, Michellie and the first place I will be looking for a replacement horse is in Gillian's stable of horses.

Kevin has performed really well in the short time we have had him with Open Hacks wins at all shows we have attended and he scored 68.5% at our first dressage competition.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Gillian's as a trainer and a wonderful honest person to conduct business with.



Wynella Tannhauser is now the Reserve Champion National Show Hunter of the Year 2005
Gab has had a great year in both Showing and Dressage winning at the Royal and HOY as well as in Dressage. It is great to see he has gone to such a super home!

Wynella Wolverine SOLD

On purchasing Wynella Wolverine from Gillian I couldn't have been happier. Both in hand and under saddle, it was obvious he was impeccably trained for a 4 1/2 y.o. that had limited outings. I had heard that Gillian was kind but firm with her horses and I have upmost respect for her experience and success. Because of her insight into all aspects of equine behaviour and Eventing, I would willingly consider any horse she decides to take on herself to school, as she obviously has a great eye and talent in choosing ones with potential.

Sometimes it's difficult to tell a sales pitch from the truth, however when considering purchasing Wolverine Gillian was realistic and honest. Wolverine's success in our first season was a result of the great foundation that Gillian laid. It's just a shame that not every young horse lands the best schooling for their natural talent and confidence to shine.

Analisa Heygasi


Rockingham Spontinaety 5 yr old TB filly

GP Jack Sparrow 6yr Don Ramiro Stallion SOLD

Voltaire La Conia SOLD